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Mobile client to sync only needed contents from server (1)
Are URL links on the roadmap? (3)
Feature Request: Allow for templates (3)
FR: Sync via remotestorage (4)
Save cursor position within the note (8)
Scoping search within Tagged documents? (4)
Title Text Wrap in Note List (2)
Pick lists (2)
Notebooks in alphabetical order (3)
Feature Request: Support for Multiple Accounts (1)
Proxy Support (1)
Suggestions for improvement (7)
Notes hierarchy? (16)
Sharing notes or notebooks (12)
Web Clipper API for CLI (20)
Tags only in scope of one Notebook (6)
Tag Searching (2)
Show sub-notebooks below parent on mobile devices (3)
[datetime] request new time fmt "20.30.15" in the options (6)
[export import] request exported file adjust maximum length to 255 for filename (4)
Support for webm? (1)
Notes/Notebook/Tag/Task: Filtering and Searching (3)
[title] user input section currently is considered probably redundant or useless (2)
Support for your favorite services (2)
Feature Request: Office Hotkey + Simultaneous Highlight Focus (1)
Request sync on open and close app (11)
[find] Request "find & replace" features (1)
Feature request: Inline PDF (4)
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