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About the Features category (1)
Grab a page/article from web to joplin for creating new notes (1)
Online with cache, next to offline-first (7)
Feature request: Inline PDF (2)
Synch file format/EOL issues (2)
Quick add and screenshot (2)
Email into joplin (5)
Searching string (2)
Importing markdown file from command line ( 2 ) (23)
Import folders recursively (2)
Android widget for main screen? (4)
Sharing notes or notebooks (6)
Intrusive updates on windows (13)
Save cursor position within the note (7)
Displaying the number of notes per folder (3)
Feature Request for Metadata (2)
Speech To Text / DFA Font (9)
Support for org mode text? (2)
Grouping notebooks (4)
Drawing with a pen (1)
Add Samsung Multiwindow SDK for legacy Samsung Galaxy Devices (1)
Add feature: Section to notebook (4)
iOS Share Extension (2)
Compatibility with AppImageUpdate (3)
Make [TOC] available in markdown (9)