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Feature Request (11)
Notes and Todos in Chronological order (9)
Cozy Cloud Support? (2)
Clipping from browser into existing note (1)
Synchronize notebooks to separate cloud accounts? (2)
Feature request. Clip with mouse-over css element (1)
Android: create new list item with ENTER (5)
Import All Folders/Files From Other Notes Apps (2)
Email into joplin (11)
Joplin Icon & identity ( 2 ) (26)
Design enhancement mockup (6)
Adding quick note like in OneNote? (1)
Different layout? (1)
Scoping search within Tagged documents? (5)
List indentation with TAB (2)
Deleting notes is cumbersome (2)
Position of attached file (Android) (1)
Notebooks in alphabetical order (4)
Periodic (re-occuring) TODOs (1)
Toggle/hide/collapse note/document list panel (4)
Indicator for URL field (2)
Add checkbox with one click on android (2)
Only show tag in the notebook we choose (2)
Support contents (3)
Add Markdown highlight support (9)
Previous and next note button support (1)
[export import] request exported file adjust maximum length to 255 for filename (5)
Notebook list - Collapse notebook tree (2)
Fulltext search with wildcard at any place (1)