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Android 1.0.233 crash


Both arm Android 9.0 and arm64 Android 7.1.2.


how ? when ? any error message ?


And if you could send the result of adb logcat just after the crash happens that would be useful.


I also meet the problem. when I click a note and want to view it, it crashed! I want to export log,but when restart the app, the log is refreshed.


Seems to be due to the recent Katex plugin update, I’ll fix it tonight. So @CalebJohn, it means for now we’ll need to revert the Katex changes.


Understandable, hopefully it’s just a quick of the plugin and not something that makes it unusable for us.


v234 should work: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin-android/releases/download/android-v1.0.234/joplin-v1.0.234.apk


Yes, solved, thx.