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Android: create new list item with ENTER


In the Linux desktop version I can create a new list item (and checkbox) by pressing ENTER at the end of a line. A new item is inserted just below and even the indent is preserved.

This feature is missing in the Android version. I have to enter "- [ ] " manually every time which is even more difficult on a smartphone.

If would be nice to have it on a smartphone as well.


I requested this feature yesterday. Apparently this behavior cannot be achieved on Android at the moment.

I’m aware that this is not going to be a viable option for a lot of people but what I ended up doing was downloading and configuring Multiling O Keyboard to have markdown shortcuts in the suggestion bar:


Thanks @Shamp0o, that could be useful to some so I’ll add an entry about it in the FAQ linking to your post.


Great minds think alike :sunglasses:

Thanks for the tip