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Android widget for main screen?


New user, studying how to replace Evernote by Joplin in my day-to-day usage.

A feature that I miss is a widget to add on the home screen, which would at least:

  • let me quickly create a new text note with a pop-up editor, or a picture note by opening the camera
  • show the most recent notes edited (or any other custom filter of notes, eg notes with a specific tag or from a specific notebook)
  • give one-tap access to search function



Laurent told us earlier that it was not possible due to electron limitations
May be that changed but I doubt.


You probably meant React Native (Electron is used for the desktop app). Apparently there are proof-of-concept demos like this one, doesn’t seem very mature.


yes you are right, thanks :slight_smile:


Personally, I would be pleased if we could get the to do list in a widget.


Still no easy way to do this at the moment (pretty much only hacks) so a full native widget would have to be developed, which is out of scope.