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Are URL links on the roadmap?


Hi, I’m new to Joplin and excited about its possibilities (as a writer and speaker I do also use Evernote and Agenda and Noteplan for different areas, as well as Scrivener of course).

I particularly appreciate Joplin being multi-platform as I use Mac, iOS and Windows at different times.

To keep track of different bits of projects, I rely on links to track progress (I keep them together in Things). I would greatly appreciate consideration of x-callback-URL or similar to provide access to a Joplin note from another application. And vice versa. Thanks for listening!

Congratulations on some real quality development and interface design.


What do you mean by x-callback-URL?

If you are talking about a Joplin handler, I’m all for it. Internal links are denoted by something like this: :/b3270a18733a4455af4d283dbe99b5fd

So the applications could register a handler e.g. joplin so that a link like joplin://b3270a18733a4455af4d283dbe99b5fd would open the note in Joplin. I’m not sure how hard this is to implement, but it sure would be a great feature.


In evernote I could copy the note link to a external application like Google Sheets, and open the note directly from the spreadsheet. This is very useful for project planning: I could schedule my projects on a spreadsheet, and go into the details when clicking on the note link.

I use Joplin’s E2E encryption feature to protect my notes, and right now I’m stuck with evernote because of the URL link feature. +1 for this feature to be implemented in joplin!

A suggestion is, it may be better to use joplin://notes/b3270a18733a4455af4d283dbe99b5fd instead of joplin://b3270a18733a4455af4d283dbe99b5fd, because that leaves room for future extensions


I like the idea of deep links and the suggestion to use a keyword as in joplin://notes/b3270a18733a4455af4d283dbe99b5fd

Well, I guess now we only have to wait until somebody implements this.


Indeed Joplin is outstanding.