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Back into the loving arms of Google


I’m new to Joplin but like it more each time I use it. I’m duplicating all of my OneNote stuff in Joplin, hoping to dump Microsoft.
My desktop is Linux but I’m also using Joplin in Android. If Joplin is truly open source, can we please have it available at F-Droid? At present, Joplin is sending me back into the loving arms of Google, from which I’m also trying to become divorced.


You can find some information here
It does not seem that simple ! :wink:
Note in the meantime, you can use APK file to avoid Google.


Thanks, pled. Using the APK is a good idea but the link to the APK on the Joplin home page leads to a 404.


APK is available from that page


Thanks, pled, but it doesn’t work for me. What am I doing wrong?


he suggested to go here https://github.com/laurent22/joplin-android/ and jump here releases/tag/android-v1.0.174


Got it now, thanks!


You probably already know this, but if you’re trying to avoid the loving arms of Google, using Android defeats that purpose pretty much entirely.


Of course, you’re absolutely right, ardklg. But I do run Android without signing in to Google, in the (probably) vain hope that the problems attached thereto will be somewhat mitigated.
Thanks for your input!