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Deleting notes is cumbersome


First of all thank you for Joplin, this is such a nice software for taking notes.

In the current (1.0.119) version of Joplin under Windows I often take small notes, re-order contents and therefore create and delete new notes. At the moment deleting notes requires three steps:

  • right click to open context menu
  • left click for delete option
  • dialog pops up and requires confirmation

After having done this a few times I am sorely missing an easier way to delete, copy and paste complete notes. Ideally the ‘del’ key would simply delete a note without any questions asked and for safety purpose not delete the file on disk but move the note in trashcan category.

Am I overlooking something or is this functionality missing in Joplin?


to delete a list of notes:

  • select the first note to delete
  • press shift to maintain to first choice, and select the last note
  • right click , choose delete, confirm

you can also do the same with crtl key instead of shift, to select among your notes and not a complet list