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Desktop app: Opening/editing multiple notes


Using Evernote App I can open multiple notes to compare or copy things between notes. I really miss this feature. Is there already a way to do that? What do you think about it? Can we ask for this feature in Github?


It’s unlikely that notes side by side will be supported (maybe tabs at some point but not all opened at the same time). A possible alternative, depending on your workflow, is to open some notes in an external editors, and keep the one you want to change open in Joplin, then you can copy text more easily.

A planned feature is to allow opening multiple notes in an external editor, so maybe that would support your particular use case.


Hi Laurent,

Thanks for your answer. Good idea to open notes in an external editor but you don’t see images or pdf saved within the note. In my particular use case, I’m used to save images like print screens or other pdf files and open several notes simultaneously to compare and analyse notes regarding same issues. You think this feature will not be added because of technical issues or because I’m the only one who think that this useful?