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Evernote Imported notes are to-dos


Wow. The onboarding for Joplin has been really easy so far. One issue, however, is that all my old Evernote notes are importing as “To-Dos”

I noticed that I can change them individually. Is there a global method? At this point I have NO items that I want to be to-dos, so we could change them all at once.



joplin --profile ~/.config/joplin-desktop todo clear *

I did not try but I expect that the * will match every notes.


joplin --profile ~/.config/joplin-desktop help todo


I will give it a try! On a Mac. I tried just running that command in Terminal from the default location and from some of the dirs in the Joplin application directory. No go, I get “command not found.”

What do I need to do to run this command on MacOS?


You need to install the Joplin Terminal version which is not the same binary as the desktop one.
Once done, you will need to specify the path of the desktop profile as i did in the exemple.

Have a look at the Doc for installing Joplin Terminal.