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Exclude notebooks from syncing


Hello - thanks for this great work!
Is it possible to exclude a Notebook from syncing? As I understand all Notebooks get synced if this Option is used.
Kind regards, Chris


As far as I know, no, it isn’t possible.


Hi, thanks for your Reply.
I have a Workaround, but still testing.
I’m running two mobile Versions of Joplin in Windows (each in its own dircectory to get separate Profs and data). To get a second Instance I’m running the second Joplin as Adminstrator (I’m logged in in Windows as a normal User).
Because of using the mobile Versions of Joplin I can store them in my encrypted Data-Partition and with that I have no data on my not ecnrypted system-Partition.
But still it would be helpfull to exclude certain Notebooks from syncing to the Cloud, where I don’t want all notebooks stored (even when encrypted).


There’s a sync_disabled property that is supported and used to prevent certain items from syncing, but it’s not exposed in the UI.

Depending on your use case, you can do it yourself though by running SQL on the database.sqlite profile. The query would be something like this:

update sync_items set sync_disabled = 1 where item_id = 'NOTEBOOK_ID' or item_id IN (SELECT id FROM notes WHERE parent_id='NOTEBOOK_ID')

(replacing NOTEBOOK_ID with your notebook ID)


I am new to this topic. I understand your suggestion to some extent, but at the moment I do not know how to do it. However, there are several notebooks. For now, I stay with my current solution until I have the necessary knowledge. As I see, I would have to create a new column for sync yes/no in the Table folders.


What a relief to work with Joplin. Great! I’m busy transfering notes from my old Notes-program to Joplin.

Based on your suggestion, I will add a “+”-Sign as first character in the title of the notes that should not to be synchronized. It’s a more perfect solution than exclude all notes in a notebook.

Then I can exclude exactly these Notes from the synchronization with a SQL string setting the value “1” in the field “sync_disabled” in the sync-items-Table.

Can I achieve this with SQLiteStudio with a Trigger-Event “before” on the table “sync_items”?


I’ve been using Shortcuts with different profiles to do this, I have 2 different shortcuts pinned to the taskbar one runs:
Joplin.exe --profile 1

the other runs:
Joplin.exe --profile 2

Then I quick photo edited me an extra icon with a different blue background so I can tell the difference on the taskbar. But you have to make sure to exit Joplin from the system tray before launching the other (just make sure to sync to different places, or you will quickly find both profiles have the same files…)

It would be handy to be able to right click the system tray and select the active profile, but not necessary :slight_smile:


As I understand you use the “Start in” field in the shortcut properties to point to your profiles?


I made a SQL to set the value 1 in the field sync_disabled if the title of the notes starts with “+”.

    update sync_items set sync_disabled = 1 where item_id IN (SELECT id FROM notes WHERE substr(title,1,1)='+')

It works fine and the values are set, but the notes are still synchronized.

(Using Windows Portable Version)