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Exporting multiple notes


I am testing out Joplin’s “export” feature, and can only export a single note at a time. Is that by design (ie Joplin only will export one at a time), or could I be doing something wrong?

I would like to be able to keep a tagged journal, with each entry tagged by project, and to then be able to pull up all entries with a particular tag and export in one PDF file (or txt or markdown, but PDF appears to be what is supported). This would let me easily report activities in individual projects. Is this possible?



I have found another solution, but cannot delete the original post sorry. Don’t waste time investigating this for my sake - mods feel free to delete this, or leave it if the answer would be useful to others. Thanks.


@sjdennis, what was the solution eventually?


I found that jrnl would do exactly what I was looking for with tagging and reporting. It’s just a journaling app though so doesn’t have the functionality of Joplin, but does what I was looking for with this specific question.