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Feature request: Don't sync every note, use search index


I recently wanted to switch from Evernote to Joplin.
Imported >500 notes, a lot of them with images. Went smooth, can’t complain.
But… on my mobile device I do not want to have each and every note and image synced - needs a lot of time and space.
My request is to sync only a small fraction, (maybe last n days, maybe only selected notebooks, to be discussed…) plus always sync some kind of search index so that every note can be searched, even not synced ones. Then, when clicked on a search result, the needed note can still be downloaded.

Let’s discuss… what is your opinion about this?


I can imagine there is some use, albeit limited, for a local (non synched) folder with notes. I am, however, afraid that eventually people will start complaining they lost notes since they forgot they were in the non-synch folder only.

Support for syncing only a small fraction of the notes, and maintaining a search index (and demand fetching) is complex and tedious. I doubt if it is worth it. Space and time contraints? I don’t think these are realistic, unless you are storing movies in notes.

My opinion: There are lots of other features more interesting and relevant.


There’s a plan to allow syncing the resources, which should take the most space, either only when opening a note, or when clicking on the resource. The preparation work for this is already done, so it’s just missing the option to download on demand.

Syncing only a small fraction of the notes however it not planned and it’s unlikely it will be implemented as the app is not really designed for this.


Thanks for your answer. I understand your second paragraph and I like the idea of your first paragraph. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Eagerly looking forward to this one! Would probably solve the sync/crashing/freezing problem with big resources in Android app.