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Grab a page/article from web to joplin for creating new notes


Regarding this, Importing markdown file from command line, will it be possible to grab a webpage directly from Joplin by entering an URL (in the title field or in a dedicated field) ?

I think I saw that from Owncloud editor. Or even in “Pocket


Most likely that won’t be possible. The reason is that in most HTML pages there are plenty of invisible elements - they are hidden either via CSS or JavaScript -, so to get the page as intended without these invisible elements and to convert it to Markdown you essentially need to run it through a browser.

This can be done from the web clipper since it runs from a browser, but not directly from Joplin, which doesn’t run one.

So most likely it will only be possible to grab HTML content from the web clipper.


i can imagine.


One idea comes to my mind now you released the webclipper :slight_smile:

drum roll… can’t we use the code of webclipper as vector to grab the html article and add it to joplin desktop ? :)=

Also, now that you’ve opened a door with HTTP port to joplin-desktop, wont it be possible for us to use it to “POST” data to create note too? :smiley:
I know I exaggerate :smiley: but the possibilities are much better than before :slight_smile:

Web Clipper is now available (BETA feature)
Web Clipper is now available (BETA feature)

Yes the Clipper service that runs to support the extension is actually quite generic and can be used for other things. Once it’s stable I plan to document it properly, but basically you can already use it like this:

First, get the port where it is running by going in Options > Web clipper options. Usually it’s 41184, but it can be something else depending on your system.

Check that you can reach it like this:


To create a simple markdown note, you can do this:

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data '{"title":"my note", "body":"some markdown"}'

To convert HTML to Markdown you can do as below, but keep in mind that (as mentioned above) if the HTML has hidden elements it will look messy.

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data '{"title":"my note", "bodyHtml":"some html code"}'

You can even post an image in the data-url format:

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data '{"title":"my note", "imageDataUrl":""}'


wonderful !
finally a dreaam comes true :smiley:


As webclipper is now available, with Jong I added the possibility to use webclipper if it is started.
With browser Webclipper we can select the notebook where to store the note that will be created once grabbed.

I tried the same with:

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data '{"title": "Community, Jong", "body": "Le voici de retour pour aborder", "notebook": "Projets", "author": "foxmask", "source_url": "https://foxmask.net/post/2018/05/24/joplin-community-jong/"}'

but the notebook is not taken into account, the note is created in the last created notebook, so I supposed that author and source_url ignored too?

What properties of data can we provide ? just title, body(Html) and imageDataUrl ?


@foxmask, there’s a new command to get the list of folders:


From this list get the notebook “id”, and then you can specify it when creating the note using the “parent_id” property. For example:

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data '{"title": "Community, Jong", "body": "Le voici de retour pour aborder", "parent_id": "fd78919d805f427491f22908c11eea6c", "author": "foxmask", "source_url": "https://foxmask.net/post/2018/05/24/joplin-community-jong/"}'

Also the “author” property is not supported at the moment, and url should be passed as just “url”.


I see, great :=) thank you


Actually just writing this makes me realise the API is not very consistent with the backend (url/source_url, parentId/parent_id), which I’d like to avoid. So I’m going to change all this soon - the properties will basically map to whatever is in the database, etc.


Ok, i’ll do nothing until a new version :sunglasses: