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How to indent like a pro without making it formatted text?



I want to indent my text paragraphs but as you know indent makes it formatted, I looked at the docs, it talks about lists with paragraphs but tha tis not wanyt i want either. I want a regular blick of text that is indented just below another line of text.



Have you tried using “block quote”? Just add a “>” at the very beginning of the paragraph you want indented.


You can use &nbsp; or &#160; for spaces. <br> is there for line breaks.


I tried that but it only indents the first line :frowning: I want to be able to indent many paragraphs as easy as possible


I think your only option is to use HTML along CSS. For example that should work:

<div style="margin-left: 10px">My indented paragraph.</div>

If you want to do something more fancy you can also assign a class to this div block and use the user-style.css file to apply the margin (see the doc for info on how to use custom CSS)


Thanks , I think that might work,