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Invalid URL error for WebDAV sync


I keep getting an error from Joplin on Windows. Somwhow it tries to construct an URL including a local path.
See this message:

Remote Objekte gelöscht: 1.
Abgeschlossen: 09/08/2018 14:06
Letzte Fehlermeldung: Error: Not a valid URL: https://webdav.mc.gmx.net/Dokumente/C:\Users\Frank.md


when does it happen ?


It happens after hitting the ‘Synchronize’ button in the left hand pane on Windows.
The status is ‘In Progress’ for a while, then I get the error.


may be there is a mistake in your webdav config in your joplin client. I’m not sure as I don’t use webdav for now.


Well, this may be. However, it worked in the past, and the setup is identical on Android where I don’t see this issue.
Any clue what I should check?


not me ; maybe some others users of webdav.
sorry :frowning:

if you downgrade of version ; does it work ?


Sorry, no. 1.0.103 gives me the same error message.