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[iOS] Sync Stopped Working (after evernote import)


Everything was working for months, but after importing a few hundred notes from evernote into the desktop app, it appears that the iOS app stopped syncing (using Dropbox). I removed/reinstalled the app and restarted the initial sync, but it stopped at the same number of notes. Now it just hangs with the message:
x Cancel synchronisation

My assumption is that I had an attachment larger than the current size limit, but I have no idea how to see what resources might be causing the hang. Any tips?


Can you check on Dropbox in Joplin/.resources what is the largest resource?


Excellent. Thank you. I have two resources over the (10MB?) limit. I’ve now found them in .config/joplin-desktop, but I don’t know the best way to deal with the situation.

So far:

  • Moved both files out of the desktop resources directory
  • Tried to sync desktop (Message: Completed)
  • Reloaded dropbox .resources (files still there)
  • Waited 5 minutes (no good reason)
  • Repeated synch and reload (no change)
  • Deleted the two resources from dropbox
  • Repeated desktop sync (Completed)
  • Double checked dropbox
  • Restarted iOS sync (Still hanging)
  • Removed iOS app
  • Reinstalled and restarted sync
    Sync completed!

Thank you again for the help and as always for all the work you put into this!