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Joplin version 1.0.91


A new version has been published, here is the release content:

Same as v1.0.90 but with a fix for #510

  • New: Resolves #345: Option to hide completed todos
  • New: Resolves #200,
  • Resolves #416:
    • Allow attaching images by pasting them in.
    • Allow attaching files by drag and dropping them.
    • Insert attachment at cursor position.
  • Improved: Resolves #443: Various optimisations to make dealing with large notes easier and make Katex re-rendering faster
  • Fixes #481: Keyboard shortcuts were not working when text editor had focus in macOS
  • Fixed: Tag display
  • Security: Resolves #500: Fixed XSS security vulnerability


Position of attached file (Android)