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Joplin Web - a webapp for our joplin editor


Joplin Web is a new toy I started 2 weeks ago.


  • it’s a work in progress
  • It’s a web app that wrappes the command joplin provided by the joplin terminal. So it’s requires joplin terminal first of all. The display is the (more or less the) same as the desktop client.
  • other requirements are explain in the readme of the project
  • as it may scared peoples that does not know the python universe (but you should as it’s simple with my readme:) , once I’d have a first version, I’ll publish a docker file so you will just need to have joplin and docker.

During a job meeting I learnt that I could make a webapp from the “joplin evolution”. So as I did not know that ; I started with VueJS instead of React :stuck_out_tongue:

Last details : it’s a toy made just for fun but feel free to contribute.


That’s quite nice too. Do you have a demo website or screenshot to see how it looks?


this looks like this

compared to the render of joplin desktop

But As you can see the body is the same as it’s coming from the same “source” of data.

it’s very very far from the end as I need to deal with the tree folders and tree tags as here all are on the same level. and many many many details.


Le Batman Australien? :slight_smile:


[OT] c’est dans le ton du blog concerné :))


See also my comment in Messy content on NextCloud : how can we come to have joplin integrated into nextcloud for web access ?
I fear your python code will not work in multi-user environment - somehow it would need to know about the profile to be used upon launching the web client ?


Lot of topics…

  1. nextcloud : I don’t use it, so I don’t plan to do anything for it. And that’d be too much work to do something for it now, may be later (see below).
  2. so this is an app for ourself, can’t be used by other guys except you. Why ? Because as long as we won’t have a complet Joplin API, I just could use the Joplin terminal command for my own profile.
    So as you point, actually the app need to know your profile path to be useful.
  3. future:
    After that, If some contributions would come next month (for the Hacktoberfest event https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/ ), that will be a pleasure.
    And who knows, if a complet API for Joplin come, I’ll be glad to adapt the app and add the multi user support.

Nothing is lost everything is possible :sunglasses:


OK, thanks


A little update :slight_smile: