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Notes and Todos in Chronological order


Is it possible to view notebooks in Chronological order (time dependent manner)?
Does this feature exist or is it possible to add it in future releases?

Thank you for your time!


Not notebooks, but all notes and to-do.

Thank you



Thank you very much for your response. I am sorry that my post was not clear. I meant I want to view all the notes in the chronological order without sorted in notebooks. Then I can easily find the recent notes or to-do at a glance. Excuse me again for your time.


I don’t think I understand what you mean. If you don’t want to use notebbooks, don’t use them.


Thank you again for your response. I would like to use notebooks. But in some case, I would like to view all the notes and to-do in all the notebooks in one space in chronological order.
By the way, are there any way to use notes without sorting into notebooks?


Ah, you want something like a virtual folder that shows all notes. Hmm, technically it should be possible rather easily, but I don’t think it’s really that useful. But maybe @laurent sees it differently.

On the other side a virtual folder to link to the last edited 50 notes could be useful. As a history so to speak. Everything more than that might be a real performance killer.


That what I meant! Last 50 notes will be nice idea and will be very useful.

I can not make a new note without sorting to the notebooks. After making a new note to a notebook and drag it to Notebooks (red arrow in the photo), it seems that I could move it, but I can not find it anywhere. When I search it, I can find it. Where does the note go?


Woa. This seems like a bug. You shouldn’t be able to move a note to the Notebooks item. It is not a folder.

You should open an issue in github.

@laurent, what do you think?