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Notes hierarchy?



Will Joplin ever support subnotes undern notes like hierarchy of notes in a Notebook?


Using note link from note to note should do the trick


Well I was more talking about stacking them visually in the notes panel, like a note tree. We can do this with Notebooks now but not with notes themselves.


An issue about TOC is in progress I think + link of notes could help




What is the difference between a note with subnotes, and a notebook with notes?


Notebooks are notebooks, they do not have textual content themselves, they are just like bookshelves. Notes are individual textual contents, so they are more like books in a shelf. Not sure how else to explaint it.


I have seen some note taking apps implement this but I would rather have Tags in stacks, similar to how it is done in Evernote.


So what you’re looking for is notebooks that can have markdown content?


I may be wrong but I think what @kartoo is asking for is a note that will have subnotes. Something like a table of content but the subnotes are visually shown linked to the main note, or in this case TOC.

As currently being done, the TOC will be the Main Notebooks while the subnotes will appear as the sub notebook.


I thought @kartoo was asking for something like OneNote has. Think Joplin notebooks under notebooks but with notes.


This is getting out of control, just to clarify I am asking more along this picture

Or this


A picture indeed speaks louder than a thousand words :wink:


Perhaps a solution would be to support a special root note (for example it needs to be titled “index”) and, if present, it is always jumped to and displayed when you click on a notebook?


A notebook is a type_ 2 note with a title, no content, and metadata.
Would it be possibile to allow markdown content for a notebook? IOW treat type_ 2 as a special kind of type_ 1?


A few times I thought something like “pinning” notes to the top would be handy. But for now I’ve just converted them to to-dos, which basically does the same thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


This might be nice for certain style of organizing the notes, but I have another one :wink:

Notebook with notes and sub-notebooks are not presented very nicely (neither in the desktop nor in the android app), as when I open the notebook, a list of notes is displayed, but I have no view of the contained sub-notebooks.
I think it might be worthwile to have a list of the contained sub-notebooks on the top of the entire list.

Does this make sense? Is this possible?


sounds like you are talking about having the notes listing show the notebooks, like windows explorer shows subfolders and files…



Basically yes. In my opinion this would be most clear. Might be optional though, if others think it would spoil the cleaniness :wink: