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Request a 32 bit Linux Appimage


I like Joplin a lot. It has all the features of Evernote but has a sim[ler interface. I just would ask for a 32 bit Linux Appimage. I use Linux and Android mostly and my main laptop is an old 32 bit netbook.

Hope for support 32 bit system with Appimage

There’s already an open issue on github:

But according to this comment in the ticket, Joplin should run on 32 bit as well.


Joplin-Desktop doesn’t run on 32-bit. I tried it today with debian stretch bunsenlabs linux: “Wrong format error”. I tried the etcher flash program in 64 and in 32 bit to test my system. The 32-bit-Appimage of etcher works. My system is working.

I would like to use joplin on my igel thin client. Is there hope to get a 32 bit version for linux someday? Would be great. For windows it seems to work with 32 bit.




Maybe its possible to build a 32 bit AppImage from the source? Are there some build instructions for compiling a 32 bit version?