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Save cursor position within the note


Every time I switch between notes, the cursor position is reset to the top of the note.

When working with a few notes simultaneously, this ibehavior is rather tedious. Is there an easy way to save the current cursor position for a note?

Technically the current cursor position could be added/saved/recorded to the metadata section when switching or leaving a note.


Yes that would be useful. The info could simply be saved in memory while Joplin is running.


The info could simply be saved in memory while Joplin is running.

That’s true, but it wouldn’t be persistent. The meta data approach has another advantage: it makes it even persistent between devices.


What do you think of adding the cursor position to the metadata when switching a note? Or maybe this can be a 2 step solution:

  1. save position in memory
  2. add position to meta data (this is not absolutely necessary, but has its advantages)

I can open a feature request on github and reference this topic.


Yes please open an issue with it and it would indeed be useful. I have no objection for the first step but the second one I’m not so keen as it feels more like app state. I think the issue is that it means every time you read a note, you will also modify it and it then will need to be synced.


This is partly correct. Every time you edit a note (or change the cursor position) a sync would be required. But since you already sync after every key stroke, this wouldn’t be much of an overhead.
Just reading the note itself should not change the cursor position (unless the note is opened on a different device and the cursor position is not the same).

Anyway, I do understand your reluctance. The first step is sufficient for most cases. It’s just that the cursor postions would be lost after restarting the app.



Any chance we can get another look at this issue? I note that it’s open in github, was queued up for the hackathon this past Halloween and then dropped.

I generally write very long notes (think of multi-month projects) and having to scroll all the way to the bottom every time I open a note is painful!