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Start minimized to tray?


Hello Developers,

it is possible to start Joplin minimized to system tray, is there a startup option?
I have the Linux client.

If not, this would be a great feature

thx for your great app


The icon of joplin is in the notification bar of XFCE4 for example, just tick the checkbox in the global options


Hello foxmask,


yes the icon is in the system-tray of KDE also.

My question was: It is possible to start Joplin directly minimized to system-tray/notification-bar?


currently, no.
you may ask to laurent if a feature request can be done for that.
no sure


last thing, you can automatically start software with your opened KDE session. If you do so for joplin, then Joplin will be started and present in the systray


I am new to the forum, but I would like to be on more person requesting the option of having Joplin minimized to tray. What’s the next step?

I run Linux Mint on Cinnamon.


there is (almost) something like that here


KDE4 had something to start a program minimized (I don’t know about “start in tray”), KDE5 does not have it anymore.
I don’t know how the X-Server can do it.

Alltray didn’t help in Autostart, because alltray stays itself in tray

Other application can do it by themselves; QOwnNotes e.g.