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Is it possible to use superscript (and subscript) in Joplin?



You can probably use the <sup> HTML tag for this:

 <p>This text contains <sup>superscript</sup> text.</p>


Perfect, thanks!

It would help us newbies if this info was shared in the I/O Library.


To be more precise: It would be nice if there was a reference document that describes the markdown flavour that Joplin supports.

The SourceForge document states things like “Many simple HTML tags are allowed, […] And unknown tags will be dropped.” which is not exactly precise.


@seedywee & @sciurius, please see Markdown section here.

Also, almost all HTML tags work, you can even use <style>, have different fonts on different notes with @import url if you so wish.
Though depending on your use they might fail, some tags do not play nice with markdown. As primarily this is a markdown app, that gets priority.