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Tags only in scope of one Notebook


Hi there.

At the moment I don’t see a possability to make Tags only for one Notebook. My Case is, that I use a Work-Notebook and also a Private one. The Work-Tag’s aren’t interesting on private and the private not interesting on Work… :slight_smile:

But this is only for perfection - Thank you very much for the professional software that you created!

Top work! :+1:

Best regards,


Yes, I’d really like that. My tags for personal, business are now in one big list, which is suboptimal (for me).
Is it possible to implement this by use of a boolean in settings? I’d really like the opportunity to only show tags of the current notebook.

Apart from that: I’m very fond of Joplin, it’s great software!




i’d prefer a profile to separate professional life to my private life, that would become quickly the mess for me:)
so the ability to switch from profile we’d be great :slight_smile:


Hi foxmask,

this is a good idea, but I think this is another point for changing - Because in my case there are 14 Notebooks for working issues (every project one notebook), and 4 Notebooks for private things. But in the working-context, the tags aren’t useful over all projects - because there are very different scopes.

But I like the idea too, switching profiles for different context. (Private and Working) - But for Work I need one big Notbook with subcategories for every project, and there I think it is useful tagging in context.

Best regards,


I agree with @foxmask here. Separate profiles would be nice, but notebook-specific tags would just be opaque and hard to navigate.

Plus, what if you have 4 notebooks with 4 different notebook-specific tags with the same name? Even more confusing.
Maybe you could work around this by giving these tags a specific prefix? :thinking: